Bjuder på en semesterbild 😘😍😍😍
Har jag bjudit på en bild före operationen så såklart måste ni ju få se resultatet efter op!

Detta var en mysig session hos en fantastisk man.. som jag tror ville göra mer än att bara fota mig 😄

Sparar till en ny operation också så köp flera bilder nu så bidrar ni till att ännu större bröst kommer upp här på Nordic finest 😃😇😇😇

Bjuder på en gammal goding från innan jag opererade tuttarna. Gillar vanlugtvis inte gamla bilder på mig men måste ändå säga att den här är väldigt porrig 😈

Står i en djurmönstrad sexdräkt med praktiska hål på precis rätt ställen 😮😇😉

Tagen i studio för några år sedan.

Enjoy!! 😘
Thinking about traveling.. anyone who wants to take me on a trip somewhere? Send me a message if you want a fun and pretty girl by your side 😉Maybe we can have some fun on the beach like I had showing off on this pic. I went topless too! Haha! The people having lunch on the beach were really bothered by my silicone tits 😂 But nudity is natural, right? We were born naked.. and then God made silicone 😁😂

Anyway, write to me! I always answer 😘
Since I'm not at home at the moment and it's difficult for me to take new pics I'll give you this sexy pic from a photo shoot I did last fall. I'm standing in my underwear on this pic. Later on the in the photo shoot I eventually turned out topless but those pictures I'll let you see later 😉😘
My boobs looked so good in my gym outfit so I just had to sneak away to take a picture 💕

Message for request videos/pics 💕I will go to a festival for the weekend tomorrow but after that I am all yours again 😘 Text me your requests in the meantime 😃
So my friend works at a store that sells camping gear. So I bought this! Wanna see me use it?
Yesterday I did my hair but it turned out really dry.. I didn't dare to go out so I hid behind the curtain in my bed. Just me and my boobs..
More will come up soon, in the meantime you get to see my pretty face 😃🙈💕
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